Teak Tecona grandis

Tecona grandis
Density: 660kg/m3a


The sapwood is usually narrow, pale yellowish-brown in colour and the heartwood is dark golden-yellow darkening on exposure to brown or dark brown. The wood is dull with a rough oily feel. The grain varies from straight to wavy grained. The texture is rather course and uneven.

Working Properties:

Although the working properties are somewhat variable, the wood works with moderate ease. The dulling effect on cutters varies from moderate to severe. Teak dries slowly but well.

Physical Properties:

Teak is strong and hard but is rather brittle along the grain. It enjoys a world-wide reputation owing to its durability and small movement in fluctuating atmospheres.


Very durable.

Main Uses:

Furniture, ship building, decking, doors, panelling, veneer and uses where chemical resistance is a requirement (i.e. laboratory benches).