An Insider’s View of a French Buying Trip

There’s a certain formula to a great road trip movie, from Thelma and Louise to Mad Max: Fury Road. Whether you’re tearing across a post-apocalyptic desert at breakneck speed or just trying to get home for the holidays you’ll need a few things: a firm, definite goal; a cool car and either a pair of lovable rogues or a ragtag ensemble of ne’er-do-wells and misfits.

Our French buying trips certainly have the “firm, definite goal” down pat, though the “cool car” part will depend on how big a fan of reliable, mid-range estates you are. Your mileage may also vary on the lovable rogue bit…

Every year our timber buyers make the journey across to the continent to have a snout around. They visit all the French mills we buy from on the hunt for the best logs that money can buy. By selecting material personally we can guarantee the sort of quality that our customers demand. It also gives us an opportunity to go on the hunt for those one-off logs and boards that only come around once in a life-time, those truly special pieces of timber good enough to go in our slab gallery.

Whilst we’ve dealt with the guys that they visit for decades, we firmly believe in doing business in person. Maintaining relationships with trusted suppliers can be make or break for a business founded on offering only the highest quality. We think the personal touch makes a huge difference.

Okay, so it’s not quite Blues Brothers (we’re certainly hoping for fewer police chases) and whilst it’s unlikely that any lessons about the true value of friendship will be learned along the way, it is highly likely that our buyers will be coming back laden with goodies from France’s finest sawyers.

News | 4 years AGO