The Thorogood Difference…

Our Southern Yellow Pine stock comes from carefully selected suppliers known for their quality. Carefully stored both before and after it arrives in our yard, or Southern Yellow Pine exhibits greater stability - particularly useful when it’s being turned into a floor.


Not a single species in itself, but a grouping of similar pines grown in the south-eastern states of America. Southern Yellow Pine species all exhibit great stability, high density and resistance to shock but by far their most compelling feature is their beautiful broad and contrasting grain, ideal for bringing visual interest and a contemporary feel to a number of applications, notably flooring. The colour, with straw early growth and coffee late growth, can easily be modified with a range of finishing products, allowing for greater freedom of expression whilst still maintaining the natural feel of this great timber.

Working Properties

The Southern Yellow Pine’s straight grain and fine texture makes it very easily workable with both hand tools and machinery, though it is advisable to look out for the occasional knot that can be present in the wood. Southern Yellow Pine timber can also be very resinous, which can have a dulling effect on blades as well as clogging both tools and sandpaper. Otherwise, the timber takes glue, stain, and polish well and can be brought to a beautifully smooth finish.

Physical Properties

Uncharacteristically strong for pine species in general, the Southern Yellow Pine demonstrates a density and strength-to-weight ratio to rival that of red oak and Canadian Douglas fir. The wood is not as hard-wearing as those other species and so perhaps not as suitable for high-wear use. The straight, interlocked grain keeps Southern Yellow Pine strong and flexible and, when machined, it has a satin-like appearance.


Southern Yellow Pine is rated as moderately durable, and all species demonstrate a good resistance to heartwood decay and rot. Each of the Southern Yellow Pine species are relatively hard and strong with good stability, and so can be suitable for exterior use and construction, while also being fairly easy to treat with preservatives.

interesting stat

Southern Yellow Pine is actually a subgroup of hard pines that consists of several different species.

primary uses

also good for

Heavy construction, plywood, wood pulp, veneers.