Your Guide to “Live Edge” Grade Walnut

If you know the Thorogood brand then you know that we are all about one thing.


That’s Thorogood, pure and simple. There is something in us that drives us to want to have the absolute best timber possible. Who knows what it is… maybe there’s something in the water? Maybe we didn’t get hugged enough as children?

Whatever the cause, the effect is the same. It’s what sends our buyers far and wide to find the best stock we can get our hands on, but what does “the best” actually mean?

We won’t get too bogged down in philosophy, the grand questions of the universe are for better men than I to answer: surely though, when it comes to timber at least, “the best” means the most suitable wood for the job?

We’ve always prided ourselves on our walnut in particular, it’s one of the timbers that most sets us apart from the competition. The name itself exudes luxury, you can hardly even say “American black walnut” without immediately feeling a little bit more upmarket, it’s just one of those things.

We think it’s the best, and that’s no idle boast. Our American walnut is and always has been second-to-none, with unrivalled clarity, colour consistency and workability.

But what if that isn’t what you want?

We published a blog on the famous american furniture maker George Nakashima recently. The more we read about him the more we came to recognise that sometimes the knots, the splits and the unusual grain features aren’t blemishes… sometimes they are the thing that you fall in love with. 

With that lesson in the forefront of our minds we’d like to introduce you to a brand new and exclusive product, “live edge” grade walnut. Available in 65mm slab stock, with the live edges intact, nothing could be better for an impactful, statement table. It’s still from Horizon Wood Products (one of, if not the most respected mill in the States) so the quality of kilning and processing is identical to our prime grade stock, but it offers a hell of a lot more if you’re looking for wild grain and natural features.

So what exactly can you expect from the grade? Well, for a start there’ll be a higher frequency of larger knots. Features like bark inclusions and splits will also be more prominent than in the prime grade stock. Additionally, and most excitingly for all you wane-heads out there, the waney edges will be livelier, with more undulation and character features like open knots. For river tables, or any other waney edged furniture for that matter, this will be timber par-excellence. 

We are really excited to be able to offer such a unique product, with so much character and personality in every board. We can’t wait to see some of the incredible designs that our customers make from this beautiful timber (sad as we are to see it leave!) so get yourself down and take a look.

Guides | 4 years AGO