Elm, (European/English) Ulmus procera

Elm, (European/English)
Ulmus procera
Density 550 kg/m3


The heartwood is a dull brown colour, clearly defined from the lighter-coloured sapwood.The irregular growth rings together with the cross-grained character of the wood gives it an attractive figure.

Working properties:

Elm is a moderately easy timber to work, but can have a tendency to pickup during planing and moulding and can be prone to bind on the saw.

Physical properties:

Elm is moderately heavy, hard and stiff with excellent bending and shock resistance. It is difficult to split because of its interlocked grain.


Rated non-durable to heartwood decay and moderately resistant to preservatives. Sapwood is classed as permeable to preservatives.

Main uses:

Furniture, cabinet making, flooring, internal joinery, paneling and coffins.