The Thorogood Difference…

Our Utile has been chosen for its mildness and the care taken when importing. Many exotic hardwoods are subjected to pretty rough treatment when being transporting and stored prior to sale, but our Utile has been looking after at every stage of it’s importation, meaning that you can be sure that no moisture or harsh conditions have got to it, spoiling the quality of the timber before you have even had a chance to get your hands on it!


Rich in colour and reasonably strong, Utile’s grain is generally unremarkable and lacking in any defining characteristics, which makes it easier to machine than other timbers in the same class. With heartwood that is pink when first cut before darkening to a mahogany-red over time, this timber has a medium and uniform texture with a natural lustre that finishes nicely.

Working Properties

While the interlocking grain common to tropical timber is favourable to Utile’s strength, it can make planing and moulding longer winded as some tearout is possible if time and care aren’t taken. The wood works easily with both hand and machine tools and turns well. Once worked, Utile takes glue and stain very well and can be polished to a smooth and rich finish or painted easily.

Physical Properties

Utile tends to be heavy and strong overall. Like many timbers it also reacts to iron, and direct contact with the metal can cause the wood to become stained and discoloured - as such brass or stainless steel fixings are recommended.


The heartwood of Utile is highly resistant to preservatives but luckily the wood is naturally moderately resistant to decay by itself. Overall, the timber is rated moderately durable to durable and is thought to demonstrate some natural resistance to insect attack.

interesting stat

Utile is closely related to Mahogany and is sometimes referred to as Sipo Mahogany.

primary uses

also good for

Shopfitting, boat building, turned objects.