The Thorogood Difference…

Thorogood only deal in the highest grade of cedar available in the UK market, which we then ensure is sufficiently dry before machining. The dry timber machines to a considerably higher standard and this, combined with overall slower grown material, very low knot content and high colour consistency makes it perfect for high grade applications where the quality of finish can make all the difference to the look of a product.


If you’re looking for the perfect cladding material or the ideal softwood to craft beautiful garden furniture, Western Red Cedar is your best bet. One of the most naturally durable timbers in North America, Western Red Cedar is extremely light with good insulating qualities. Its attractive red-brown heartwood turns a beautiful silver-grey over time with exposure to the light and wind, though treatments are available to help preserve the colour. The timber presents a very straight grain with a prominent growth ring figure and its coarse texture can easily be worked to an excellently satin smooth finish.

Working Properties

Lightweight, low-density, and flexible cedar is perfect for working both by hand and by machine. Due to the height of the cedar, the timber is often available in long lightweight lengths, ideal for cutting and sawing - although some care must be taken to avoid splitting the sometimes brittle timber. Cedar dries well without distortion, and demonstrates excellent dimensional stability once dry, sanding to a smooth finish, fixing well, and taking stains, oils, paints, and treatments perfectly.

Physical Properties

Cedar is one of the lightest softwoods in the world and its low density makes it an ideal insulator - hence its popularity for cladding. Once dried, the wood absorbs and discharges moisture in accordance with its environment, making it far superior to other timbers in resistance to shrinking, warping, and twisting.


Western Red Cedar is so popular for outdoor use due to its status as one of the world’s most durable species. Naturally resistant to moisture, atmospheric changes, and insect attack, cedar fibres also contain natural preservatives that protect it from decay.

interesting stat

Western Red Cedar has one of the longest lifespans of any North American tree, making it extremely renewable.

primary uses

also good for

Garden furniture, playground equipment, and saunas.