The Thorogood Difference…

Cut at Horizon in Pennsylvania, the same feted saw mill as our walnut, our Cherry has all the qualities that mark timber from this source out as special. Wide, straight boards of clear, evenly coloured timber which has been dried and conditioned in the same time-honoured way for decades – this stock is truly a must see.


Known the world over for its rich red tones, smooth texture and fine finish, Cherry is sourced across North America, with particular concentrations on the east coast. Its heartwood is uniform, straight grained and mild, giving the wood an even texture and wonderfully smooth finish. Brown pith flecks, pin knots, and small gum pockets may present in the timber adding texture and character. Due to its excellent finish, easy working qualities and durability, Cherry is highly sought after for all manner of luxury products.

Working Properties

Easy to machine, plane, turn, bend and steam, Cherry is particularly sought after by furniture makers and woodcarvers. The wood takes stain and polish extremely well, drying quickly with a hard and stable finish. Once finished Cherry nails, screws and glues well and can be sanded and finished to an extremely smooth surface. The wood’s soft, mild grain also makes it particularly well-suited to carving and moulding.

Physical Properties

Cherry wood is malleable, with medium density and low stiffness that give it excellent carving and bending properties. Once dry, the timber is of medium strength and shock resistance and can be easily sanded and stained to an outstanding finish.


Cherry is rated as resistant to heartwood decay and moderately resistant to preservative treatment. Both the heartwood and sapwood are liable to darken very quickly when exposed to light so this should be taken into account during working and placement.

interesting stat

American Cherry is especially populous due to its unique ability to naturally regenerate after forest fires.

primary uses

also good for

Specialist applications such as boat interiors and musical instruments.