• Freddy Silburn-Slater

    The first port of call for flooring enquiries, Freddy can easily be distinguished from other staff by his beard, which is the envy of everyone else at Thorogood (or at least he likes to think so).

  • Robert Thorogood

    If it involves numbers, IT or communications, Robert is the man – he keeps himself hidden away, but does vital work in the background.

  • Peter Thorogood

    Buying, selling, operations - Peter loves to be involved in just about everything. A true all-rounder who somehow manages to find time for a game of hockey on a Saturday.

  • Dale Mayhew

    With a true passion for buying and selling the best timber from around the world, Dale is our Horizon Wood Products expert and the owner of Bear, our resident chocolate lab.

  • Simon Mann

    Keeping all the sales paperwork squared away in the office is a tough job, but Simon gets it done with a smile. With one eye on the yard and another on the car park, Simon also makes sure we all park in the right spot – with a few choice words for anyone who doesn’t.

  • Alex Clarke

    Alex is the man for sawn timber and trade enquiries - though his Casio watch is from the 80’s, Alex’s knowledge is always bang up to date.

  • Barry Young

    Long ago a fresh-faced young Barry started at Thorogood timber. Much has changed since then, but Barry’s commitment to helping his customers has never wavered – an endless well of positivity, Barry will always see you right.

  • Trevor Thorogood

    A true machining expert, Trevor is normally found in his shorts and almost always has a spanner in hand. Trevor’s love of moulders, spindles and everything to do with machining timber mean he’s most at home in our mill.

  • Veronica Measor

    Always making sure that the paperwork is spot on, Veronica keeps everything ticking along smoothly whilst keeping the lads in the office in check.