The Thorogood Difference…

Whilst American Red Oak is not widely available in the UK, it is a great product that can give a truly unique look to a number of applications. As with all Thorogood products, our Red Oak is carefully chosen from only the best supplier to ensure uniformity of colour and grain, whilst also guaranteeing a high quality of well dried, mild and even timber.


Very similar in appearance to the American White Oak, Red Oak is structurally quite different – with a more porous texture that makes it far more absorbent than its cousin. Red Oak is easily treated and is considerably easier to oil, stain, and finish to than most hardwood. The colour of its heartwood varies depending on the region it was grown in, but is usually pink to red-brown. The wood’s grain is straight with a coarse texture that finishes nicely.

Working Properties

Hard and heavy with high crushing strength, American Red Oak is nonetheless flexible and excellent for steam bending. Red Oak machines well, though pre-boring is useful as with White Oak. Red Oak takes nails, screw and glue well while its porous nature makes it perfect for absorbing all treatments from oil to stains - easily polishing to a very good finish.

Physical Properties

American Red Oak boast excellent strength properties in relation to its weight and when properly dried, demonstrates superb dimensional stability and hardness that makes it suitable for use in joinery, furniture, and flooring.


American Red Oak timber is rated as being slightly to non-resistant to heartwood decay, however the porous nature of the wood means that it is very easy to treat with preservatives and will absorb treatments very well.

interesting stat

Contrary to popular belief, Red Oak’s name does not come from the colour of its wood but from the colour of its leaves in autumn.

primary uses

also good for

Kitchen cabinets, panelling, coffins, and caskets - though not suitable for tight cooperage.