Strength, Endurance, Beauty

When it comes to construction, why compromise? Our beams come from the same long-established, reliable sawmills that provide us with our joinery and furniture timber, so the quality is second to none.

We know that big is beautiful and our custom cutting service means that we can supply fresh sawn oak to whatever size you need – with up to 12 metre lengths available, the sky really is the limit.

If you need something fast our extensive holding of oak beams on site, both fresh sawn and air-dried, is there to make sure you can get what you need to get on with the job.

Oak’s strength and durability have made it the obvious choice for construction for thousands of years, but it’s not only for traditional homes – incredible results can be achieved blending this natural, unique material with the clean straight lines of modern design.

With expert on site, planed-all-round service and specialized delivery tools that get your timber to exactly where you need it, you can trust Thorogood to make sure you timber construction project runs smoothly

If you’re looking for something a little different, Douglas fir provides a striking alternative without compromising on quality. Cut exclusively for you, it’s perfect for achieving a unique and contemporary feel in any setting.

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