American Ash

Flexible, strong and light, Ash is popular for its easy-to-work nature and attractive finish. One of the best species for bending and turning but hard and stable when dry, Ash is particularly good both for woodwork and structural use.

Eastern United States

Fraxinus Americana


The Thorogood Difference…

Whilst most Ash exhibits huge variety in colour and tone, Thorogood Ash is drawn from a small geographic range and processed by a few, carefully selected mills with an eye for greater colour consistency. Thorogood Timber’s Ash is carefully kiln conditioned, meaning an overall more stable product with fewer drying defects – moreover, we can offer a stock of crown cut Ash, allowing you to maximise yield from a board by selecting for quarter and plain sawn timber.


Ash’s distinctive grain has long been popular with furniture makers and woodworkers for it’s striking finish, with beautiful contrast between its creamy early growth and earthy late growth. Generally presenting as clean and straight grained, Ash is a great choice for contemporary projects where clean lines and bold, stark tones are preferred. Because every board of Ash is so unique, using it in furniture, flooring or joinery projects guarantees complete individuality.

Working Properties

Easy to machine and good with nails, screws, and glue Ash’s strength and flexibility makes it ideal for bending and turning. Strong and hard, Ash is stable in performance and readily accepts stains and polish – black stained or thermically modified Ash is prized amongst designers for its deep, lustrous tone.

Physical Properties

Extremely strong in comparison to its weight, Ash is favoured among woodworkers for its blend of stability and durability with excellent finish, making it ideal for flooring. Particularly well-suited to steam-bending, Ash has long been a favourite of furniture makers but also has excellent shock resistance which makes it perfect for use in tool-handles or sports equipment.


Ash is not resistant to heartwood decay - its heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment, whilst the sapwood is permeable.

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American Ash’s properties vary greatly depending on where and how it’s grown; trees from the north grow slowly, while trees from the south grow faster.

primary uses

also good for

Excellent for turning and items that require good shock resistance - for example tool handles or sports equipment, such as baseball bats.