The Thorogood Difference…

Alongside our standard Scandinavian softwood stock, Thorogood holds a stock of waney edged slow grown softwood sourced from specially selected butt logs in the old growth forests of Sweden, from a region famed for its timber production. This unusual product is incredibly durable and strong when compared to standard stock and has enhanced stability due to its tight, even grain. A combination of large logs with a narrow sap band, with straight, well dried lengths makes this the perfect material for any joinery work.


Scandinavian Redwood, frequently called Scots pine or just plain ol’ pine is a timber that exhibits great variation depending on the region and climate in which it was grown. Scandinavian Redwood usually has pale yellow brown and resinous heartwood, with a narrow band of band of sap wood seen in stock from more northerly climes which widens the further south the tree grew. Redwood’s grain is straight and the wood is medium and even-textured with clearly defined growth rings that occur as a result of the species’ dense late-wood.

Working Properties

The workability of Scandinavian Redwood depends on the source region, as this can affect the size of the lumber, number of knots present and amount of resin found in the wood. Most examples will work easily with both hand and machine tools and the timber’s even texture means a smooth, clean finish is easily achieved. Once finished, Scandinavian Redwood timber glues, stains, varnishes, and paints excellently and can be screwed and nailed easily.

Physical Properties

Scandinavian Redwood timber dries quickly and is relatively hard for a pine species, demonstrating good strength-to-weight ratio. It can corrode some metals so brass or stainless steel fixings are recommended. For the strongest, densest, and most finely-textured wood, opt for trees that have grown slowly in cold climates.


Scandinavian Redwood is considered non durable and very vulnerable to rot and decay. The timber can be used externally if treated and takes preservative treatments very well. Away from moisture and exposure, the wood remains strong and stable, and works well in interior joinery or construction.

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Scandinavian Redwood can also be known as Pine or Scots Pine.

primary uses

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Furniture and cladding (when treated).