The Thorogood Difference…

This is the real-deal, proper old growth forest Teak, not plantation grown stock from Africa. Thorogood’s Teak is some of the last wild grown Asian Teak available on the market and has the enhanced durability, grain and easy working properties that have made the species so famous. If you are looking for a durable, quality timber for external use, you can’t do better than this.


For centuries Teak has been one of the most popular timbers, famous for its unrivalled combination of durability, strength, workability and beauty. Its sapwood is usually narrow, with even brown or golden yellow heart, darkening to a deep brown with exposure and time. Its straight grain, mild and even texture loaded with natural oils mean Teak can be worked to a world-class finish.

Working Properties

Depending on its source location, Teak can prove more or less workable. Though in general it works well with both hand tools and machinery, differences in grain and natural silica pockets can be present depending on growing conditions, which can have a moderate to severe dulling effect on cutters. Due to the natural oils present in the wood, it can be recommended to wipe down any surfaces with a solvent before gluing and Teak toughness means that tungsten coated tips are recommended where available.

Physical Properties

Renowned for its strength and hardness, Teak must nevertheless be treated with care as it can be brittle along the grain. The drying process is slow but Teak dries well without distortion or splitting and when dried and finished properly, Teak enjoys unequalled stability and strength, with little to no movement in performance - a trait that has made it extremely popular for use in construction and shipbuilding.


Teak is widely considered to be the most durable timber on the market. Extremely resistant to decay, Teak is also highly resistant to most insect attacks - with only a slightly lower resistance to powder post beetles and marine borers.

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Teak is often considered one of the most durable woods in the world.

primary uses

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Decking, joinery, panelling, veneer, and laboratory benches.