The Thorogood Difference…

Thorogoood Tulipwood comes from well managed sources which select for straight grain and consistent, pale colour. The major difference is in the kilning and conditioning of the timber, which is done carefully to ensure the stability and quality of the final product whilst minimizing the drying defects which can otherwise be an issue in Tulipwood.


Strong, but with a pleasant light tone, Tulipwood is a versatile timber which boasts extraordinary strength in relation to its weight. The heartwood varies from pale yellowish brown to olive green - although this green colour in the heartwood will tend to darken to brown with exposure to light. The wood is straight grained with no particularly strong grain characteristics. Tulipwood’s texture means that the timber can be very easily worked to an excellent finish.

Working Properties

American Tulipwood’s fine texture and straight grain makes it incredibly workable and it is machined, planed, turned, glued, and bored very easily. It dries quickly and easily without much movement and is strong and flexible when dried. It can be vulnerable to splitting when nailed so pre-boring is recommended. When dry, the wood takes paint, enamel, and stain extremely well and can be polished to a beautifully smooth finish.

Physical Properties

American Tulipwood has an unusually high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it is especially sought after for structural work. Its medium density gives it high resistance to bending and shock, as well as having high stiffness and compression values. When adequately dry, American Tulipwood is incredibly stable.


The heartwood is rated as resistant to preservative treatment, however the sapwood is permeable, though Tulipwood is not recommended for uses where durability is required. Tulipwood is well-suited to thermal modification, which is available for uses that require enhanced stability.

interesting stat

Tulipwood is unique to North America, after the last ice age wiped out the species in Europe.

primary uses

also good for

Light construction, edge-glued panels, turning, and carving.