The Story Starts Here…

Every piece of timber we sell has been on a journey – every board has a story to tell.

It starts in forests where carefully chosen saw mills harvest only the best timber, selected with the same expert eye that has been used for generations and watched over by some of the most passionate people in the industry. These special places where high quality timber is produced are few and far between, but the dedicated buyers at Thorogood timber know that they are the only kind of supplier that we want to deal with. When we find those rare mills, whose commitment to quality and tradition matches ours, we build real, lasting relationships with them. It’s the consistency these relationships bring that means whether you bought from us 5 years ago or buy 5 years from now, the quality will be the same.

We only buy the best and we want to be the best, so our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at timber – our expert staff are always on hand to offer advice on material, machining and finishing, you only have to ask.

Our Wood

Here’s a selection of some of the woods we stock. Hardwood and softwood, boules, planks and boards, at Thorogood we have timber to meet any requirement.

Swatch images courtesy of The Wood Database.

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We’ve created a series of guides discussing the various uses for the diverse range of timber we stock and how to get the best out of this wonderful wood.