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Traditional Laminating

Traditional laminating is a skilled process where
the timbers are glued edge to edge under pressure
to create larger timber sections. Laminating is sometimes
the only way to provide the dimensions required but
it also produces a more stable and stronger section.

The Thorogoods difference...
To produce high quality laminated products requires highly
accurate machining click to view Machine & Mouldings page of the chosen
timber and this is where Thorogoods excel. The specification of glue is
also a key element and through decades of experience we know just what
type of performance glue to use for each application whether for internal,
external or structural use.

Our laminating department is equipped with an automatic cramping machine
ensuring we apply the correct pressure along the entire length of the timber.
It also allows us to be totally flexible on the size of lamination and the size of
the order.

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Traditional Laminating