Big Leaf Maple Buttress in Stock

big leaf maple rounds

Every aspiring Bond villain needs two things; a lair in a dormant volcano and a big, imposing table. For all you budding Blofeldts and self-styled Scaramangas out there, we’ve got a solution to the second problem at least. These colossal slabs of American soft maple (Acer rubrum), would make the perfect table top on which to enjoy a special family meal or plot world domination.


These beauties are real showstoppers and really do have to be seen to be believed. With an average diameter of about 5ft, they were cut from the very bottom of an enormous tree that had been growing in a downtown suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Processed by our good friends over at Horizon Wood Products the slices, still with their intact buttress flairs, have been slowly air-dried before kilning to minimise cracking and distortion, but are still absolutely chock full of character and visual interest.


We’re currently scratching our heads as to how we are going to machine these absolute beasts, but once we’ve worked out exactly what the plan is these phenomenal, unique bits of timber will be going on sale – so watch this space!

News | 5 years AGO