Brand New American Grey Elm Stock Landed

Grey Elm Log

Those of you who are in the yard often will have noticed that in the last couple of weeks we have had some pretty interesting bits and pieces come in from the guys over at Horizon Wood Products in Pennsylvania. Nestled amongst the huge slabs of Maple and the packs of super wide cherry is an unassuming log, just the right length for a dining table.

This log of grey elm (or “gray” if you want to be more authentically American) might not look much at the moment, but elm is one of those timbers that rewards a bit of work and effort, quickly developing real lustre and character when it is machined. For centuries elm’s interlocking grain, which gives the timber fantastic shock resistance, meant that it’s been the premier choice for applications where the timber will be under high stress. It has long been used for making wheel hubs and spokes, like those on the kind of wagons which helped to win The West and it was even used for bell yokes, including the one on the liberty bell. It’s as American as apple pie! Not only does it give elm high strength and resistance, but that interlocking grain shows as a distinctive, crazed pattern which makes is highly prized by American furniture makers.

This beautiful grain, combined with all elm species’ natural tendency towards highly characterful, figured timber makes this log the perfect choice for any commissioned piece of statement furniture, or any project where something with a truly distinctive and unusual feel is desired.

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