Calling all Carvers – European Lime Carving Blanks in Stock

Is there anything in the world more satisfying than carving? Taking something raw and, though painstaking labour and vision, revealing the beautiful thing that was hiding in there all along – what could be better?

Whether carving is your career, a hobby or even if you’ve just been inspired to give it a try, then there is one piece of information that you need to know: Lime is the absolute best timber for carving.

Lime, or sometimes basswood, bears little resemblance to the citrus fruit with which it shares a name. For all of its wonderful qualities, it would make for a pretty terrible mojito… With a very close, even grain and buttery smoothness, Lime is perfect for those delicate carving projects and sculptural pieces.

Our European lime comes in small blocks, or blanks, which are just the right sort of size for most carvings. 3” thick and available in lengths up to about 1.5M, these blanks are random widths allowing you the freedom to choose which size block best suits your purposes.

So the next time you got a carving in mind, all you’ve got to do is come in and pick the right piece for you. Alternatively, you can come and have a browse and see if some inspiration strikes you!

News | 4 years AGO