Even More Maple News!

Maple Close Up

Furniture makers rejoice! We have heard your cries in the darkness and have heeded your prayers – yet another timber is now available in ¾” sawn boards.

As specialist furniture and joinery suppliers it is our mission to make sure that the absolute best timber is available for our customers. Sometimes this means selecting higher quality stock, but it can also mean making smarter decisions about how we cut our timber.

At a slender 21mm, our famously lovely kiln dried American maple is now the perfect size for drawer sides and panelling. It still has all of the excellent qualities that you know and love, with it’s easily worked, close grain and beautiful colour, but in a more compact package.

And what does this mean for you? Well it means less waste for a start. Less sawdust up the chute means more money in your pocket, which can only be a good thing. For smaller finished sizes, it also means less tension when planing then you’d see if you were coming down from a full inch, so reduced spring and a more stable finished product. Who could ask for more?

News | 4 years AGO