Why You Should Choose Waney Edge Siberian Larch Over Tropical Wood


When it comes to choosing timber for your next project, it can be tempting to opt for lower cost materials to save money. However, depending on what you choose, inexpensive materials can often be a false economy when poor quality wood goes from ‘cheap and cheerful’ to ‘split and twisted’.

If you’re looking for a lower cost alternative to expensive hardwoods, instead of choosing cheaper commodity tropical hardwoods, why not consider Waney Edge Siberian Larch instead?


Softwood with Exceptional Stability

While it may seem as though hardwood should be more stable than softwood, Waney Edge Siberian Larch is actually far more stable in performance than cheaper tropical alternatives due to its extremely slow growth. The rate at which a tree grows is dependent on factors such as climate, temperature, and availability of light and nutrients; trees grown in tropical climates have an abundance of these things and therefore tend to grow relatively quickly.

In contrast, our Siberian Larch is found naturally in darker and colder environments that help it to grow much more slowly. This slow growth leads to denser timber that is far more dimensionally stable over time.

Not only that, but Waney Edge Siberian Larch is only ever cut down in winter, when the timber retains less water and is therefore less likely to shrink during drying. Our air and kiln-drying process is also designed to avoid case-hardening or twisting, making it just as stable and long-lasting as hardwood.


Extreme Durability

This natural density and stability also means that Siberian Larch is much more durable, hard-wearing and water-resistant than tropical hardwoods. The timber itself contains a high resin content that makes it extremely resistant to many different varieties of disease and rot.


Excellent Sustainability

Rather than coming from huge, man-made plantations like a lot of commodity-based tropical hardwoods, our Waney Edge Siberian Larch is sourced from naturally-occurring forests in southeast Sweden, making it a far more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option.


More Options for Greater Flexibility

All of our Siberian Larch is boule-cut, which not only provides more stable cuts of wood, but also gives our customers a huge amount of variety when it comes to dimension – providing long lengths of timber as well as wide planks that are suitable for creating curved wood pieces.

We’ll be honest, it’s a little more expensive, but in our opinion (as well as our customers that have already chosen it), it’s most definitely worth it! While Waney Edge Siberian Larch may cost a bit more than tropical hardwood alternatives, it often offers far more value for money as its high quality, strength, stability and durability means it will last far longer than cheaper cuts of timber and won’t let you down over time.


Like to Know More?

If you’d like to know more about our Waney Edge Siberian Larch and why it could be the perfect material for your next project, speak to one of our timber experts today on 01206 233 100 or drop us a line via our contact form.

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