Let it Rip!

Some eagle eyed customers might have noticed that something is happening in the yard, with one of our mill buildings getting smartened up for 2019. What you probably don’t know is that this is all being done to make way for a brand new Weinig multi-rip machine. We love our toys at Thorogoods so we are always eager to welcome new additions to the mill, but to help you get in on the excitement here are two reasons for you to be celebrating this new bit of kit!

Firstly, whilst the old adage goes that bigger is better it’s brilliant that this is actually a bit smaller than our old machine. If we wanted to rip a long board, it used to be that we’d have to make a lot of fuss getting the board into position, but with our more compact new multi-rip that hassle will be a thing of the past allowing us to process every job more efficiently. Better yet, for the truly big jobs our new rip’s big brother will be cosied up in his new home in building five, the old machine is still part of the family!

Secondly, it’s got more lasers and lasers make everything much cooler. Fact. This precision bit of kit means that we can be even more selective when it comes to cutting, maximising yield and minimising waste. The lasers pre-measure material going into the machine and automatically realign the razor thin, fine kerf saws to make the most out of every single board.

So there you have it, no doubt you are now as excited as we are. It’s our goal here at Thorogood to continuously invest in the best machinery, tooling and staff to make sure our customers get exactly what they need. If you are interested in buying from us, and want to see the Thorogood difference for yourself why not call and organise to pay us a visit, maybe you’ll even get to see those lasers in action?

News | 5 years AGO