New Douglas Fir Stock Fresh from the Kiln

The Golden Hinde, Vancouver Island

Customers who deal with us regularly will know that if you are looking for the very best Douglas fir this side of the Canadian Rockies, you come to us.

It’s so good that when new stock becomes available we get very excited. When we opened the kiln this week and the sweet smell of freshly dried 4” Douglas fir wafted through the yard there was a palpable buzz in the air. Peering into the gloom, through heat and humidity that would quail even the stoutest heart, we were richly rewarded. A veritable treasure trove of some of the best joinery timber imaginable awaited us within; slow grown, straight grained and buttery smooth. Strange though it may seem, this came as no surprise to any of us.

You see we are very picky when it comes to Douglas fir. There’s lots of it in Canada, tonnes and tonnes, but only a scant portion is good enough to be stocked in our yard. As Kirstie and Phil would say, it’s all about location, location, location, with the absolute crème-de-la-crème grown on either Vancouver Island proper, or the immediately adjacent shoreline across the Georgia Strait. It is from this specific region that we buy our Douglas fir.


Nothing else will do.

Is it the comparatively warm and moist climate that makes Vancouver’s fir so perfect? Could it be the rich soil, pushed up by the majestic swelling of lofty mountains and soaked in the calm waters of sweeping fjords and lakes? With timber this good, does it really matter? There are lots of timber companies out there that are happy to deal in the second best, but not us. We only want to deal with the gold medal, the yellow jersey, the extra virgin – anything less just doesn’t cut it.

So what are you waiting for, call today and see the Thorogood’s difference in action!

News | 4 years AGO