A New Lorry and a Brand New Timber Service

Thorogood lorry

It’s a double news feature today with some very exciting developments coming up at Thorogood Timber.  The first (and most noticeable of which) is the presence of a beautiful, sleek grey machine in our yard, a brand new 26 tonne Scania lorry. This marvel of Swedish engineering will be driving the roads of East Anglia and beyond, delivering high quality timber to all of our customers – so keep your minces peeled when you’re out and about! If you’re a fan of the classic Thorogood lorry then don’t despair as one of them is being re-sprayed with our smart new branding and colours (we don’t want it to feel left out) before returning to work in the coming weeks.

This means that now both of our lorries are big enough to be sent out with Molly the Moffett, our little forklift truck (who’ll also be getting the re-spray makeover), so we can now offer this additional service more regularly than before. It also means increased payload capacity, so we can get more timber out to more of our lovely customers more often: what could be better than that!

The second bit of news is a brand new service that we are offering for some of our big slab boards. You can just come in, choose the board you want and after a few days a hand finished, bespoke table or desk top will be waiting for you to take it home – we’re calling it a “just add legs” service. We’ve always got new stock coming in, so why not come down and take a gander at some of the boards that we’ve got available: from firm favourites like oak and cherry to luxurious black walnut and exotic cedar of Lebanon – we’re sure to find something that’ll be right at home in your dining room.

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