New Oak Slabs for Tabletops Available Today

Wide Oak Slabs

Whoever first said that size isn’t everything clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. Nothing in the world quite beats big old slabs of oak for tabletops, and these guys are heckin’ chonkers.

Perfectly proportioned for a statement dining table, these monster boards are crying out for a set of hairpin legs. It’s a massive log, with a diameter of over a metre, so even the smallest boards in the pack would make an amply dimensioned table with real impact. What’s more, the boards are absolutely brimming with character, with splits, knots and a sexy, wiggly wane.

Oak slabs are one of the most popular choices for tabletops and for good reason. With beautiful colour, exceptional durability and a wonderful, tactile feel you’ll soon fall in love yourself. So why not come in and take a look? Be prepared though, at a nominal 65mm you’ll need to be sure that you’ve had your Weetabix beforehand!

News | 4 years AGO