New Container Expected Shortly From America

Just like our friends and colleagues across the pond, we’ve got something to be thankful for today. 

Not turkey or cranberry sauce, not even pumpkin pie (whatever that is)… no, this is something even better.

Just as those first puritans disembarked from Plymouth on a (probably) drizzly September day 399 years ago*, to brave the treacherous waters of the Atlantic in search of opportunity, adventure and a new home so too has a container (stuffed to the gunwales with fantastic timber from horizon sawmills) departed from a port Stateside. We can’t wait to welcome all that lovely walnut, cherry and white oak to its new home in sunny East Anglia, not more than 20 miles down the road from Harwich where that first ship, the Mayflower, was built.

We’re certainly very excited to see what’s inside so hopefully this container ship, unlike the Mayflower, won’t take two months to get here. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted on what we might expect to find when we open it sometime soon.

*we really should have saved this article for next year shouldn’t we?

News | 4 years AGO