News: Figured Maple Stock Now Landed

Curly Figured Maple

One of our absolute favourite timbers, maple has it all: high density; a close, even grain; stability and diamond hard finish. If you’re looking for a surface that can withstand a lot of punishment, whether it’s for a floor, a work surface or a dining table, then maple is the right stuff for you. Whatever the job, it’s tough enough.


But this roughty-toughty timber has another, more delicate side to it.


Maple is one of those timbers that produces a number of extraordinarily beautiful figures. These rare examples will have an unusual grain feature which makes them highly sought after by furniture makers, luthiers and wood enthusiasts alike.


Do you remember when you were a kid and you got a Kinder Egg? Remember the excitement of finding out which toy you’d got? Well cutting logs is a bit like that, you don’t know what you’ve got until you open it up. 


More often than not our American suppliers find regular maple, and very nice it is too. Sometimes they uncover something really special though, sometimes it’s even like the rippled maple that recently came into our yard. If this stuff were a kinder egg toy it’d be the one that none of your mates had but you all really wanted. The sort that would be worth buying and eating every Kinder Egg your pocket money would stretch to. It would probably fire missiles at your little brother.


Available in both 2” and 1.5” thicknesses, this figured stock would be an excellent choice for dining tables, guitar bodies, or for that matter anything that calls for truly sensational, one-of-a-kind timber. Every single one of the boards has unique curly grain and some of them even exhibit the famous ambrosia spalting sometimes seen in soft maple stock.


They really are something special.

News | 4 years AGO