Waney Edged Sycamore

European Sycamore

We’ve taken in a new shipment of our beautiful waney edged sycamore and it’s safe to say we’re very pleased.

The common name for the European maple, our sycamore comes to us from the north east of Italy.

Now when you think of Italy you probably don’t think of timber. Instead, you probably imagine the food, culture, history… in short, you think of the romance of the place.

Our waney edged sycamore grows in the mist-swaddled hills of the Veneto, sheltered from alpine chills by the Dolomites in the west and warmed by the Adriatic Sea to the east. A fairy-tale atmosphere permeates this beautiful region. From fair Verona, were Romeo and Juliet made their vows, to the canals of Venice, which have hosted honeymooners for centuries, the Veneto is the without doubt one of the world’s most romantic locales.

Waney Edged Sycamore’s working properties

Easily worked, stable and durable with a fantastic grain to boot, Sycamore is a fantastic option for any project. More than any other timber, sycamore tends towards ripple figure and expansive, wild grain. With our stock being from the foothills of the Dolomites, this rustic charm is even more pronounced. The altitude, changeable weather and possibly some of that Venetian charm have all contributed to produce some seriously characterful timber.

Add to this the fact that we’ve left the waney edges on and you’ve got timber fit to grace our slab gallery. Sycamore is a great choice for tables, desks and worktops due to its toughness and durability. Its stark whiteness makes it a great choice in rooms with a muted colour palette, or you can make a real splash and team it up with black walnut for a stunning contrast.

So, who wants plastic gondalas, plaster Saint Mark’s or a Tintoretto tea-towel? To own some of the magic of La Serenissima Repubblica, look no further than our waney edged sycamore.

News | 4 years AGO